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Septic Services

For residential, commercial and municipal water tank pumping, cleaning, maintenance and water-jetting services, count on Hines Septic. Our septic tank company has the equipment to complete your service request.

Routine Maintenance

Regular maintenance service allows us to monitor your filters and gauges, the demography and drain fields, and attached systems, and schedule maintenance when required. We will clean filter if present and replace media as needed.

We also conduct point-of-sale inspections and line location marking.

Tank Pumping

Having the tank pumped removes the solids, which, if they build up, cause the system to fail. How often this service needs to be done depends on how many people live in the home. For a five-person household, we recommend that the pumping service be done every two to three years. For seasonal property owners who have a different family every week, we recommend having the service every year.

Cleaning Your System

To clean the tank, we use vacuum trucks to probe and remove all solids found in the water. Once the tank is cleaned, we check all filters to make sure there are no leaks or infiltration leaks.

The percentage of solids and grease in the tank informs us how often it needs to be cleaned. Additionally, we offer water-jetting services that clear sand and grease, and remove all the debris in the tank without having to remove the tank from the ground.

Commercial Grease Traps

Our company also provides installation, repair, and maintenance services for grease traps. These traps catch food particles from going into your septic system. We recommend that you have the grease trap maintained once a month, depending on the volume of your business.

Contact us in the Outer Banks, North Carolina, to request an estimate for your septic tank cleaning, pumping, or maintenance.

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